Pellet Mills USA

$4190, $4700 single phase

6" diameter x 1.5" machined die plate

5HP motor, single or 3 phase power

22" x 16 "x 60.5"

Capacity, lbs per hour

Woody material: 60-100 

​Soft/grassy/crop residue: 100-200

​Also available:  10HP or PTO driven, 15-20HP tractor recommended

$5490, $6990 single phase

8" x 1.5" machined die plate

10HP motor, single or 3 phase power

22" x 16" x 60.5"

Capacity: up to 400 lbs per hour:

Also available:  20HP or PTO driven, 15-20HP tractor recommended

$14,700, 3 phase only
2" x 1.5" machined die plate
20HP grease-packed motor
Magnetic Motor Starter
Recommended for crop residue, seed screenings, grasses and compost material
Capacity, up to 500 lbs per hour
$17,550, 3 phase only
Same as above except 30HP motor
Woody material up to 500 lbs.
Crop residue up to 1,000 lbs.
41.24" x 22.25" x 48"

Also available: PTO driven, 30-50HP tractor recommended

Pellet Mills