Hops Pellets

Biomass pellets can service countless industries, but even knowing that, some of the uses of pellets may surprise you. For instance, pellets are frequently used in the beer industry.

Some argue that using whole leaf hops is better for brewing, but the vast majority of brewers in the industry choose to use hops pellets for several reasons.

First, hops pellets are much better for storage purposes. When a fresh harvest of hops comes in, the whole leaf cones are put through a hammer mill and turned into a kind of gummy powder-like substance, which is then compressed into pellet form.

Once the pellets are made, they can be put into cold storage for as long as needed until it’s time to brew. Most brewers prefer this method for that sole reason.

However, there are other reasons hops pellets are popular among most brewers. During the brewing process, whole leaf hops can be difficult to work in and can often create blockages. Pellets, however, offer all of the flavor and brewing properties of whole leaf hops without creating any of the issues that the whole leaves so often do.

One of the best ways to get hops pellets is to make them yourself. This way, you can ensure the best quality every time you brew and have a supply to work with.

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