Biomass Pellet Mill

If you’re looking for a more sustainable form of heat or fuel, look no further than a biomass pellet mill. Biomass pellets are a refined and densified form of natural waste like wood or other plant matter. When placed into a biomass pellet mill, this waste is transformed into compact pellets that have a uniform shape, size, density, and multitude of uses.

Not only is this a great and simple way to heat your home, it’s a more sustainable method of fuel than traditional fuels like oil and natural gas. Here are just a few of the many advantages of creating pellets for fuel.

Efficient - Wood and biomass pellets are and efficient source of heat in that they contain very low levels of ash and moisture when compared to other types of wood heating, and there are no harmful gases released into the air as a result of combustion. Ultimately, nearly 100% of the material is converted to heat instead of waste when burned.

Cost-Effective - While gas and oil are controlled by the government, biomass pellets operate on a free market, which means competition keeps prices low. So not only are these pellets more sustainable, they’re less expensive than traditional heating methods.

Convenient - Pellets are easy to acquire, easy to burn, and best of all, easy to store. One ton of pellets consists of about 50 bags weighing about 40 pounds each, and the pallet they come on can fit neatly into any 4x4x4 area.

Environmentally Responsible - Burning wood and biomass pellets is carbon neutral, which means they don’t put out any net carbon into the atmosphere. In addition, biomass pellets are considered to be an unlimited fuel source based on data from the Pellet Fuels Institute.

Locally Produced - If you’re buying pellets, odds are you’re getting them locally or making them yourself. Pellets aren’t shipped to you from foreign countries or far off states. Most times, they’re available right in your community, which also means that by using pellets, you’re supporting a local economy.

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